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The Movement

The fine Mona Lisa will never seize to flaunt her success on the walls of the Louvre.  Michelangelo’s David continues to leave his weight on the world and body standards for years to come. Van Gogh’s bloody ear story has always been enough justification for his rough and emotional post-impressionist paintings.  Andy Worhol banked on the world’s acceptance of commercialized pop art.  And speaking of banks, Banksy turned street art into an urban phenomenon.  It doesn’t take much to stop and remember why these artists will remain in our memories forever; yet, there is another form of fine art that washes away a tad too quickly.  So quickly that it often goes unnoticed in terms of historical reference.  Fret not.  We are here to resolve this crisis.

Body paint is a raw form of artistic expression between an artist and a human canvas.  Body paint is an art that breathes, feels, and engages with an audience.  Sure.  We could just photograph it.  But why compete with Photoshop?  Body painting is about more than just the finished product. It’s about sharing an emotional experience however deep or light-hearted.  It is not an art form that can be framed or captured through a lens.  It must be lived, remembered, and recorded in history as a visually astounding memory.

Chroma Coalition brings together the most respected artists in the body painting industry to showcase the finest executions of living art, but Chroma Coalition is a living and breathing entity as well.  It starts with our collection of seasoned talent and it ends with you!  When you arrive to Chroma Coalition you are not just a spectator.  You are now a part of the journey.  Each of you brings your own talents to the table.  And for one day, everyone is a body painter and a canvas.  Chroma means color.  Coalition means unity.  Together we enrich the beauty and awareness of what body painting truly represents.  A reason to acknowledge the essence of your body.  An opportunity to express yourself and embrace that of others.  A method to literally draw out inner beauty and create an outer body experience.  And I repeat – literally.


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